You Will Love Honeylet Avaceña After Reading These Never Been Heard Facts...

You Will Love Honeylet Avaceña After Reading These Never Been Heard Facts About Her


she’s doing her job very well.

“He doesn’t like itchy fabrics, he’s sensitive that way,” she told Lifestyle when we caught her early in the campaign. “That’s why he matches his barong Tagalog with maong denim. He doesn’t like polyester; it makes him itch. It has to be cotton.” Honeylet Avaceña told Inquirer Lifestyle

Because of the busy schedule of the President, she was tasked to buy clothes for his partner.

She also cook for her man, who preferred simple dishes like fried tamban and menudo.

Despite of being now questioned how she can afford decent clothes and traveling abroad, no one can deny that Honeylet can afford all of these because she’s a successful businesswoman in Davao City.

Honeylet owned 11 Mister Donut franchies, meat shop and a canteen catering service that made her self sufficient.

According to a friend of Honeylet, the Presidential spouse doesn’t like relying on her husband for support.

She was also known as a very feminine and soft spoken. She also doesn’t involve herself in politics and only spending her time taking care of her family.

Honeylet was also a supportive, quiet and prayerful wife of President Duterte for 20 years and always prioritizing the health of her partner.

A former nurse, Avaceña spent four years working as a nurse in the U.S until 2004. She returned to Davao City after giving birth to Veronica “Kitty” Duterte.

Honeylet also shared that despite of being not married, she admitted that her relationship with the President is her first serious.


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